Leadership manifests itself at all levels at CSCS.  There is the formal structure of the organization where everyone has a role.  We work hard to make sure that people know their roles and are equipped to fulfill their responsibilities.  Leadership at every level demands that each one knows what their responsibility is, seeks the resources needed to meet the challenges they face, and can work with others to accomplish the mission.

Leadership also shows itself in other ways.  Here at CSCS, we try to model servant leadership by working alongside those we lead.  We encourage the faculty to take the same approach as they work with the students in their classrooms.  Rather than being the one with all the information, it is important to let students share their areas of interest and expertise.  When students and teachers work side-by-side on student activities or service projects, it is obvious that they are a part of a team working toward the same goal.

Encouraging leadership at every level will have the end result of encouraging individuals in becoming all that they can become.  They will develop perseverance in the face of adversity, learn to work with many different kinds of people, and display humility as they begin to consider others’ needs before their own.  As you read about leadership and meet our leaders on the pages that follow, I hope you will sense that Christ-centered leadership is important to us.  It is our goal to be good leaders and develop good leaders here at Colorado Springs Christian Schools.