Renaissance Festival Resources


EBSCOHost Databases
Password available in the library for home access.


Within EBSCOHost Research Databases try searching these specific databases for history related material:

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SEARCH TIP: Within the databases be sure to use the 'Source Type' filter to find primary source documents, images, and video.

Looking for information on Renaissance fashions? Use the link below for the Gale Virtual Reference Library which includes the ebook Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages. For access to this resource see the password list available in the library.



Password available in the library for home access.

The Reader's Guide is an index of articles published in national periodicals. Covering hundreds of periodicals, the guide provides access to articles by topic or subject. Search the guide using keywords to find the articles published on a topic. For most articles, a link to the full text article is included within the search results.

Print Resources

Search the library catalog for additional print materials on the topic you are researching.

SEARCH TIP: Searching the catalog by the name of an event, person, or time period of history is a great way to start a search. Try using synonyms or broader/narrower terms as well. As an example, if you are researching a specific weapon used during the Renaissance time period, you may need to look for a book on weaponry rather than a book on that specific weapon. You may also look for books on knights or warfare for further information.


Web Resources

General Renaissance Links

The ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies – The ORB Encyclopedia: A Topical Index
A compilation of medieval resources from several academic sources, the ORB is hosted by the College of Staten Island.  The ORD Encyclopedia is a topical index for medieval information including: Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval,Religion, Language, Culture, List of Primary Documents on the Web, List of References.

The ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies – Index to the Rolls Series
A list of works (with brief descriptions) for further study owned by Andy Van Dam at Indiana University. 

Orb Text Library Transcriptions and Translations
A compilation on transcriptions and translations of important medieval texts.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Hosted by Fordham University, the Internet Medieval Sourcebook includes a number of texts for medieval studies and includes a section on the saints. 

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Sponsored by Georgetown University, the Labyrinth provides resources for medieval studies organized by subject and including the following topics: Archaeology, Architecture, Armor, Art, Arthurian Studies,  Astronomy, Byzantine, Cartography, Chivalry, Church History, Coins, Cookery, Cosmology, Crusades, Decorative Arts, Drama, Education, Middle English, Old English, Ethics, Feudalism, Old French, Furniture, Gardens, Gender and Sexuality, Geography, Middle High German, Irish, Islam, Italian, Judaism, Latin, Law, Magic and Alchemy, Manuscripts, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Old Norse, Philosophy, Old Spanish, Old Swedish, Theology, Transportation, Travel, Welsh, and Women.

NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
A resource compiled by Dr. Andrea R. Harbin a professor specializing in medieval literature, NetSERF provides links to medieval resources on topics including: Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Civilizations, Culture, Drama, History, Law, Literature, Music, Paleography, People, Philosophy, Religion, Science and Technology, and Women.

The WWW Virtual Library History Index – Medieval Europe
The Michigan State University Graduate Student Medieval and Renaissance Consortium provides a list of online references with links organized by subjects including: Castles, Cathedrals, Church, Crusades, Literature, Manors, Military, Towns, Vikings, Miscellaneous:  Alchemy, Early Music, European Middle Ages, Legends, Lepers, Lists of Rulers, Art and Architecture, Culture, Food, Medieval Life, Technology, Mongol Conquests, Monk, Philosophy and Theology, and the Norman Invasion.

eHistory from Ohio State University
Search the timeline for events in International Relations, Politics, Religion and philosophy, Society and Culture, Daily Life, Economics, Science and Technology. 

Fashion and Clothing

McAllen Memorial Library Homework Helper: Costumes
Links for costuming and clothing by decade.

Guyot Brothers Jewelers: A Brief History of Jewelry
A multi-generational family of jewelers provides a history of jewelry (look for links to Renaissance jewelry) complete with a bibliography of their research sources.


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