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The Fine Arts Department at Colorado Springs Christian Schools is an exciting integral part of a students’ education and development. God is the supreme artist of all creation. He created a world abundant in rich and varied colors, filled with shapes, objects, music, and movement. In art, drama, and music the great beauty of this creation is explored in rich textures, movement, and sound. God has blessed individuals with gifts of expression that are to reflect His beautim michaux baritonety in all that they create and perform. The development of this expression is a key component to a student’s life education and future involvement in their churches, communities, and relationship with God.

We start education in the arts at an early age.  We have art and music classes from kindergarten on through high school.  Starting in fifth grade, students have choices about which of the fine arts to pursue.  For example, fifth and sixth graders may choose band or vocal music.  In High School, students have to take a credit of fine arts, but they can take that in music or the visual arts.  Drama is offered as an co-curricular activity and the major parts are filled by tryouts.  However, there are often additional parts that can be filled by those wanting to learn and get involved at a beginner level or as a part of the crew.  Our dramas even involve elementary students when possible, like Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz.

Some of our special events in the arts include the K-12 Art Show on the Central Campus and the Evening of the Arts on the Woodland Park Campus.  The Evening of the Arts showcases the artwork for students at Woodland Park.  Parents and members of the community were able to browse through the school viewing the art while 5th graders served hors d’oeuvres.  Students in grades K, 1 and 2 performed dances from around the world.  The K-12 Art Show on the Central Campus included some new hands-on activities this year.  These great events continue to grow and change and seem to be a real highlight of the year.

One additional activity that everyone looks forward to is the elementary Art Day on both campuses.  Teachers, parents, and art specialists come in a bring our students projects in all types of art.  Students get to try new things and find out how creative they can be.  It is a wonderful day of learning about art but primarily DOING it!art show display

Showcasing all this tremendous art is an online website called Artsonia.  Both elementary art teachers go to great lengths to feature our students’ work online by taking pictures of the work and uploading those photos.  Families and relatives around the globe can then see the child’s work and even purchase items featuring their favorite pieces.  That in turn allows the child to build a portfolio and keep a record of their best pieces throughout the year.

Both our music and visual arts program are top notch and are able to be competitive when they go outside our walls.  We enter art pieces in local competitions and do well, K-12.    Our choir has won a variety of awards over the years. Our band students go to a national competition every other year and consistency rank in the top one or two, even among schools much larger than we are.  Often our band students take about half (or more!) of the seats in the  league honor band when we are one of the smaller schools.  Remarkable!

It is wonderful to have talent but we believe it is more important to do all of this to the glory of God.  Each of our teachers does a wonderful job at keeping that at the forefront throughout their teaching and into their performances.  He gave us the talents and we hope to give Him back students that honor Him with those gifts!

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