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CSCS 2015 Revenue Plan

Please visit our Tuition & Fees page to view the new rates for the 2015/16 school year.

FAQ for Parents – New Revenue Model

  • Tuition is staying the same for the basic programs.  But are FEES going to rise?
    • a. Most of the fees, such as sports fees, class fees, re-enrollment fees, etc. are staying the same.  There may be some small raises in a few of the fees. There are also a few fees that were lowered.
    • b. One other fee that has been raised is the Monday-Only Enrichment Program for Kindergarten students.  The cost per day was only about half of the cost of all other days of kindergarten (per day).  The fee for that Monday-Only Enrichment Program has increased from $500 to $650 for the year.  (It is still much less than outside childcare would be.)
    • c. As a reminder, we do our best to set fees in February.  However, we don’t have all the final costs for some items until spring or summer.  Occasionally we have to make adjustments because the cost of items may be raised between now and August.  We do reserve the right to adjust fees (to cover costs) if the actual cost goes up.
    • d. Fees for NEW international students are being raised but not tuition.
  • Is the new model of requesting additional donations for the staff just a different way of raising tuition?
    • No.  We are not suggesting any particular amount per family nor are we making this a requirement.  It must be a donation of your choosing to qualify as a tax deduction.  We hope that you will donate what you can to bless the staff, especially since there was no raise in tuition.  Some of you will be able to give more and some may not be able to give much, if anything.  Many of the staff have not received a raise in years and we are hoping that this will increase their overall compensation without raising tuition.  It also affords parents a tax deduction.  We see this as a win-win!
  • Will some of the donation toward the faculty and staff compensation go toward managing the fund or any other form of “Operations?”
    • No.  Every penny that is donated to this fund will go toward the staff in the form of bonuses.  We will dispense those at various times during the school year.  Since we don’t know what to expect, we can’t budget for this and promise the staff a specific amount.  We are depending on your giving in order to bless them with additional funds until our income can actually fund raises for the staff.
  • We’ve heard about volunteering in lieu of a donation.  Will volunteering help families lower their individual tuition?
    • No.  However, for those that cannot make a cash donation, volunteering from our list of posted volunteer activities will make a difference to the school.  There are some tasks that do truly save the school money when they are completed by volunteers such as fundraising, like the auction this past fall.  Other opportunities are in positions where we have to hire temporary help if no one steps up to help us, like traffic duty, gate workers (sports) or re-enrollment time when there is extra work.  Filling some of these roles will help us save some budgeted dollars and we will be able to use those for faculty and staff when the savings are realized.  A list of volunteer tasks will be posted by summer.
  • Will CSCS track the volunteer hours that families put in?
    • Yes.  We’ve decided that we want to honor our volunteers and all the many, many hours they give to CSCS.  We are going to use web-based volunteer-tracking software so that families can sign-up to volunteer, log their time, and we can get a sense of the gift that is being given to help keep CSCS strong by the wonderful families at our school.   Volunteer hours are not required, and will remain anonymous, but we are asking our volunteers to log their hours so that we begin to understand the magnitude of the gift that our families are giving to each other and CSCS as a whole.  A good goal to shoot for might be about an hour a week (36 weeks) for two-parent families and half that for single-parent families.  If you thought of that as a savings of $10 per hour to CSCS, that would really add up!
  • Can CSCS setup recurring methods of accepting donations?
    • Yes.  We already have the ability to do that through credit cards and employee deductions.  We are researching how to do that through additional methods.  When we have those options available, we will post them on the CSCS website under “Donate/Participate.”  If you want to set up the regular credit card or employee deductions, please call the Business Office at 599-3553.
  • Is every family REQUIRED to do either volunteer hours or give a monetary donation?
    • That would be our heart’s desire however, we are not going to bill families or send them reminders if they have not been able to do that.  We may prompt everyone throughout the year by sending volunteer needs or specific giving opportunities like Colorado Gives Day.  Some families will be able to give, some families will be able to volunteer their time and some will be able to do both.  If a family or single parent truly cannot do either, we will leave that decision to them.  Since this is how we are keeping our tuition constant, it will be up to all of us to contribute what we can.
  • Can parents designate their gift to the staff bonus program to particular teachers?
    • No. If it is going to be a tax deductible donation (for staff, and this is also true for student scholarships) then it must go to the school which is the only entity which has tax-exempt status and permission to receive donations. If it is designated to an individual, it is no longer tax deductible. Once the school receives it, the school may use it toward staff bonuses.