Fifth Grade Recognition
Kindergarten Graduation
Field Day
Egg Drop

The students all had the opportunity to bring in an egg wrapped in a protective structure to see if it could survive a drop from the roof.  Many survived with a roar of cheers, but some did not.  It was fun for all.

Fourth Grade Rocket Launch

The CSCS-WP 4th grade had a BLAST on May 17th. The class has been studying the history of the Space Race and rocketry. Each student built their own model rocket and we launched them off together. Every rocket ignited and sored. What a fun way to learn the science behind how a rocket works, the laws of motion and the history of space travel.

Thirds Grade Trip to the Zoo
Movie Time!
Science Day

On Friday April 21st the students at CSCS-Woodland Park experienced a full day of hands-on STEM science activities. The kids enjoyed a wide variety of activities; They learned; “All About Blood”,  “Gravity Defying Frogs”-introducing the concept of the center of gravity, “Kinetic and Potential Energy”- using Hot Wheels and track!!, as well as learning about “Yeast” and baking their own loaf of bread! YUMMY! Our students love learning about the amazing world that God created!! Especially when the lessons are this fun!

Visiting Dwarf Nigerian Goats

Elizabeth Summeril, mother of Aliyah and El-Aeon, brought several of their Dwarf Nigerian goats so that the third graders and kindergarteners could have an up close encounter with them. One of them just had triplets, and the children enjoyed holding the babies.

Spring Carnival

Our Spring Carnival turned out great! It was open to CSCS families and the whole community. All events were free, including pizza, drinks and cookies. The carnival included a climbing wall, bouncy houses, face painting, fishing, sponge toss and more.  Thanks to all of the volunteers for making this a great evening!

Community Servants Lunch

Our students enjoyed having lunch with our local heroes. We invited our police, firefighters and EMTs to join us for a lunch provided by our PTO. The students had the lunch room lined with posters they created to honor each of the service departments.  We appreciate the men and women who serve in our community for our safety and protection.

Third Grade Wax Museum

The third grade performed their wax museum for the students, staff and visiting family members.  Each student researched an influential historical person. They created a display, dressed up as the person and recited a memorized speech.  Great job kids!

Ribbon Cutting Celebration

The students at CSCS-WP are thankful for the two new water filling stations!  How did we get them?!?

  • PTO – organized fundraisers, ordered equipment.
  • Joe Garcia – donated time to install
  • Kids – provided ideas and help with fundraisers

The kids and teachers are so excited!  Thanks for your support.

First Grade at Cave of the Winds

The first graders had the opportunity to go The Cliff Dwellings in October to learn more about the Native Americans that lived in Colorado. In November, we got to take an adventure to the Cave of the Winds! We learned all about stalactites, caves, and bats! Plus, our tour guide was a former CSCS-WP student!

12 Go to Speech Meet in Denver

CSCS-WP had 12 students from grades 2-5 qualify for the District Speech Meet in Denver, on Friday November 4th. The students competed well and brought home 5 BLUE first place ribbons, and 3 RED second place ribbons. The glory goes to God for the talents of all of our students! He is definitely growing future Christian leaders. What a privilege it is to watch our students grow in stature and wisdom.

Kindergarten Fun Fall Field Trip

CSCS-WP Kindergarten students enjoyed a fun fall field trip to Venetucci Farm! After a Barn Dance and a Seed Guessing Game, students had the opportunity to see chickens, pigs, horses, and goats. They also watched a special show by Gracie, the sheepdog. Back at school, decorating mini pumpkins added to the fun. Thank you to our kindergarten parents for driving and for helping our first field trip a great experience for all!

Third Grade Trip to Glen Eyrie

To celebrate Colorado history week, the third grade enjoyed a visit to Glen Eyrie on Thursday, October 13. We learned about General William Palmer Jackson, his family and his railroads. Besides touring his impressive castle, the mountain sheep decided to appear as well. A perfect end to a fabulous morning.

Third Grade at the Mining Museum

On October 6, our third-grade class visited the Western Museum Of Mining And Industry to begin our Colorado history unit. The third grade’s emphasis is on mining and railroads. While visiting the museum, the third graders saw many types of rock specimens that have been mined in Colorado, equipment that was used in the early days of mining, and even panned for gold. After our lunch picnic, many of the children went over to say hello to the two resident donkeys.

Colorado Tourist Project

Woodland Park fourth grade students packed a suitcase to many exciting Colorado Tourist locations. They research their location, wrote a report, and then shared their new knowledge in a creative suitcase display.

We all discovered someplace new we want to visit in Colorado.

See You at the Pole

The students all gathered around our flag pole on September 28th to lift up prayers for our school, government, military and nation.  The fifth graders led the prayer time with each grade having representatives taking turns praying.

4th Grade Mueller State Park Trip

On Tuesday September 13th the Woodland Park fourth grade class spent the day at Mueller State Park. They learned about Colorado wildlife, the flora and fauna of our area, as well as how to be sun safe at our high altitude. The Rangers did a great job, and the hands on experience will really stick with the students.

We were blessed with good weather and really enjoyed learning more about God’s creation.

3rd to 5th STEM Activities

The third, fourth, and  fifth grades enjoyed several STEM activities together. Students predicted if temperature or type of soda pop would affect the reaction when Mentos were added to each one. They also came up with creative solutions for helping a gummy worm named Fred to put on a gummy Lifesaver vest that was under his boat (clear cup) without touching any of the pieces with their hands. Each team was given four paperclips to utilize.

2015 - 2016 School Year
CSCS WP 2016 Kindergarten Graduation
CSCS WP 2016 Kindergarten Graduation

Our CSCS WP kindergarten graduation on May 19, 2016 included the graduates reciting the 23rd Psalm.

All School Egg Drop

The students had an exciting time watching their egg safety contraptions fall from the roof.  They had eggs wrapped in boxes, popcorn, packing matericals and all kinds of fun stuff with grocery bag parachutes.  About half of the eggs made it from the roof to the ground without breaking.

5th Grade Trip to the Museum

Fifth grade enjoyed a day exploring at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science this week. The students had the chance to explore topics ranging from animals all over the world, our solar system, and the health of our own bodies.

Science Day

First grade designed boats out of aluminum for oil, straws, dissolvable packing peanuts, and twisty ties. After they completed their designs and name them, Mrs. Hull placed pennies in each boat one at a time to see how many it would take to sink each boat.

Second through fifth grades went out with Mrs. Smith watching her drone take off and come back.

Second through fifth grades built bridges out of tongue depressors, tape, and string. Mrs. Kruse then placed weights on the bridge to test the strength of the construction.
Read In Day

The third-grade performed a short play to the kindergarteners about King Kindness and King Meanness reading from scripts. They then read picture books to the kindergartners in their five forts. At the end of the day, the third-graders rent their own books in their forts.

Lego Challenge

First and third grades went to the Challenger Lego competition at the 21C library on Tuesday night, April 12. Fun was had by all as they designed rovers for Mars that could drill.

5th Grade Trip to the Mesa Water Treatment Plant

The fifth graders had the opportunity to visit the Mesa Water Treatment Plant in Colorado Springs this week. Here they expanded their knowledge about where water comes from, why our water supply is so precious, what happens to water after we use it, and how we can save water for the future.  They were also able to tour the entire plant opening their eyes to how much work goes behind turning on the facet!

Dictionary Day

Each class took a theme for Dictionary Day.  The kindergarteners had colors, 1st animals, 2nd weather, 3rd adjectives, 4th electronics and 5th emotions and feelings.  Each student dressed up as a word.  During the assembly they each had to name and define their words, and some acted them out.

Dr. Seuss Day

On Wednesday, March 2, kindergarten and first grade celebrated Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! After kindergarteners made their “Cat in the Hat” masks, the first graders joined the class to hear “Ten Apples Up on Top” from Mr. Aragon. What fun! Special thanks go to our kindergarten parents, Mrs. Swanson and Mr. DeVaux, who also came to read some of their favorite Dr. Seuss books – what a treat! Mrs. Cramer dressed up colorfully for the occasion to read “My Many Colored Days” to kindergarten and first grade. She then played music and allowed children to move and dance to express each color! Kindergarteners enjoyed strawberry and banana “Cat in the Hat” fruit kabobs, and they even helped prepare Green Eggs and Ham. Thank you so much to all who participated. What a special day!

3rd Grade Wax Museum

The third-grade had the privilege of presenting their Wax Museum for famous American historical figures. They worked hard to research their person, write and type a report on them, memorize that report, create a poster board with pictures and facts about their person and finally present it to each class in our school as well as parents. Nicely done, third grade!

Elisa Goes to Regional Spelling Bee in Arizona

Elisa W. got first place out of 23-5th graders in the District Spelling Bee in Denver!  She also competed in the finals against the top four spellers of 5th-8th grades and got 3rd place!  On March 5th, she competes with potentially 35 kids at the Regional Spelling Bee in Phoenix, Arizona, one of whom is Josh K. from Central Campus.  The top five regional spellers of eight regions compete at the National Spelling Bee on April 30th in Washington, DC.  Way to go, Elisa!  We are so proud of you!  Go all the way!

Challenger Lego Design Competition 2016

On February 4th, nine of the 4th and 5th grade students tried their hand at the Challenger Lego Design Competition 2016.

CSCS-WP was able to enter two teams into the competition. This was the cumulating requirement of the Lego grant that our school received from Challenger Learning Center. Our students were required to participate in this challenge in order for CSCS-WP to keep the Lego educational sets that we were awarded.

What an amazing experience this was! There were MANY teams from schools all over the Colorado Springs area. The students were given the challenge of building a Moon Rover that was programed to go forward at least 12 inches, sense an object in front of it, and then back away from that object. All of that building and programing had to happen in just 30 minutes!!  IT WAS A BIT STRESSFUL! One of our teams was able to complete the challenge! After building and programing the Moon Rover successfully, the team was required to present their creation to a set of six judges. There were so many learning moments wrapped up in this evening of competition. Our groups may not have won an award, but they are all winners in our eyes. Some are already planning for next year’s challenge!

3rd and Kindergarteners Create Simple Machines
On Wednesday, January 20, the third grade class brought their simple machine Duplo kits up to the kindergarten class to create some machines together. A fun time was had by all!
CSCS Won the Grand Marshall Award
CSCS won the Grand Marshall award for the lighter side of Christmas parade. Thank you to all the family’s and teachers that helped with work shops and assembling the float. We had a great turnout and couldn’t have done it without your help. The children had a great time dressing up as Mickey Mouse, hippos, mushrooms and fairies. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures.
Grandparent's Day
First Grade Goes to Cave of the Winds and Cliff Dwellings

The first graders had the opportunity to go to the Cliff Dwellings in October to learn about Native Americans. We also were able to go the Cave of the Winds last week to learn about caves and nocturnal animals.

Kindergarten and First Grade Thanksgiving Feast

Kindergarten and first grade celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast and special  games. Thanks you to all the parents who provided the yummy food!

Challenger Learning Center Grant

CSCS-WP is excited to begin using our new Lego Educational kits very soon. Mrs. Kruse, Mrs. Swanson, and Mrs. Hull were recently awarded a large grant from Challenger Learning Center in Colorado Springs. The Lego educational  learning kits  will allow our school to begin using this engaging high interest learning method at every grade level.

The Lego activities will allow children in our school to be creative in a tactile way, as well as develop extensive problem solving skills , while being totally motivated and engaged.

The teachers and students are feeling very blessed!!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Harvest Party

Our wonderful kindergarten and first grade parents blessed the students with a very special Fall Harvest Party! The children made a scarecrow craft and enjoyed delicious fall goodies. Thank you, parents, for this special time that the kindergarteners and first graders could celebrate together.

Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic

For the Teddy Bear Picnic, the kindergarteners enjoyed bringing their favorite stuffed bear (or other furry friend) to school! Since we learning the letter “B” that week, the students ate snacks beginning with the letter B, listened to bear stories, and played bear games. Everyone had a “beary” good time!

Fourth Grade Rockets!

The fourth grade students at CSCS-WP recently studied space travel, past, present, future. They learned about the history of rockets and how a rocket works. The students were excited about the International Space Station virtual tour, some even hope to work in aerospace engineering someday.  All of the students built a rocket and we had a successful rocket launch event. We collected data on each rocket and learned a great deal more about rocketry! 

4th Grade Trip to Pikes Peak / Students dressed as Colorado Tourists for Colorado History Day
Third grade went to the Cripple Creek/Victor Mine

Third grade went to the Cripple Creek/Victor Mine to compare older methods of mining to newer ones for our Colorado history unit. We were able to see drills taking core samples to determine where the gold ore was, an area of the mining quarry set up for blasting, trucks carrying 240+ tons of unprocessed rock, the crusher where the rocks were crushed into ¾” pieces, the leech field where the processed rock was dumped, and then learned how the gold was extracted from the leech field. We saw pictures of where and how they purify the gold. Our class was able to play on a HUGE rock transporting truck that had been set up just for tours as it was no longer functioning mechanically. We enjoyed a picnic in front of the Cripple Creek Heritage Center (across from the Molly Kathleen Mine) and then proceeded inside to do a scavenger hunt.

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The kindergarteners had an exciting time at the Venetucci Pumpkin Farm! After viewing the farm animals and exploring the gardens, the children chose their favorite pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Thank you to all the parents who helped make this field trip a wonderful time for all.

Reading Buddies

Kindergarten and Fourth Grade have been teaming up as Reading Buddies every week! Mrs. Kruse’s fourth graders carefully choose a special book to read to their kindergarten friends each Thursday afternoon. Kindergarteners love their Reading Buddies and look forward to hearing the stories every time.

3rd Grade Visit to the Western Museum of Mining and Industry

Third grade students went to visit the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. There the class tested the density of rocks where they discovered that gold was heaviest. That information helped them when they panned for gold. They also learned about how machines ran on compressed air since there wasn’t electricity. Our guide even ran a bunch of the mining machines for us.

Fire Safety Presentation

The awesome folks from the NE Teller County Fire Protection District came and presented fire safety lessons to our kids for fire prevention month.  They had elaborate props and performed skits with a farm theme to teach the kids how to be safe at home and school.  Thank you so much for taking the time to teach our children.  It was educational and entertaining.

Third Grade Field Trip to Glen Eyrie

3rd grade visited Glen Eyrie on September 23rd to see where General William Palmer built his home. In third grade, we focus on Colorado’s railroads and mining industry. General Palmer was instrumental in bringing the railroad to Colorado Springs and connecting it to other major cities like Denver and to the south.

5th Grade Cell Project

5th grade is learning all about cells, and what better way to learn about cells then to make one. Each student choose to either make a plant or animal cell and did a fantastic job being creative with all the different organelles!

Trip to the Florissant Fossil Beds
The CSCS-WP 4th and 5th graders had an amazing trip to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.  The students enjoyed having a Ranger to answer all their many questions. They also experienced some really great hands-on learning in the Junior Ranger facility.
Fossil Beds