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What Makes CSCS Unique

We See the World through a Christian Worldview

This morning at Chapel the 1st graders sang the famous song, “The 12 Days of Christmas”.  Before doing that, they showed posters with the picture for each day, and said what the Christian symbolism was for each day.  For example, day 6 represents the 6 days of creation, day 3 represents the Trinity, day 10 represents the 10 commandments.

What a blessing it is to have our children learning things from a Christ-centered, Biblical Perspective.

We Encourage Prayer in the School
This morning during school hours, our 5th graders led our students, teachers and parent’s in our annual See You at the Pole Celebration. What great leadership from the fifth graders! What a blessing to be able to encourage our students to pray.
A Day in the Life of CSCS
2014 - 2015
WP - Art Show



Mrs. Park’s 3rd grade class enjoy the Charles Hill Art Gallery – including works by Da Vinci, Picasso, Dali, etc. – which came to CSCS-WP.



Enjoying learning with Mrs. Kruse’s 4th-5th grade class.

WP - 10-09-14