The students had an exciting Easter egg hunt with beautiful weather.  All gathered an abundance of eggs filled with candy.  Thank you to the PTO for making this happen.

Mike Aragon gets TPed to the Flagpole

The Race for Education was a big success.  The fundraiser brought in over $9,000, which will cover new computers for our classrooms, a new sign and much more.  Mr. Aragon agreed to be toilet papered to the flag pole if we reached our goal of $6,500.  We more than surpassed our goal, so we started the event with the TPing of Mr. Aragon. He had to stay wrapped up while all of the student took one march around the track.  The students walked, ran and danced their way around the track for a full hour.  We ended the day with donuts, popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie.  Thanks and blessing go to all who supported our campus through Race for Education.

The Woodland Park campus of Colorado Springs Christian School is an excellent environment for Christ-Centered, Biblically-based education.  Our wonderful, caring staff of learning professionals has many years of experience helping children learn their academic subjects, as well as, addressing heart issues.

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Colorado History Day
Nature Trip to Mueller State Park

The 4/5 combo class visited Mueller Sate Park on September 29th. This educational trip reinforce what we had learned about animals in our area, as well as life zones, and a great deal of Colorado history in the Woodland/Divide area. The fall colors were outstanding and the trip was enjoyed by all.