Colorado History Week


We had visitors come to us from out of the past.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Oct 14 Colo History Characters

Colorado History Characters

You, and Elementary Students, probably already know about Katherine Lee Bates.  She came by to talk about writing “America the Beautiful” on the summit of Pikes Peak.  You’ve heard of Helen Hunt Jackson and Queen Palmer, most likely.  There were able to drop in for a visit.  You may even know about Dr. Florence Sabin.  She made a house call on our behalf.

The mountain man, Jedidiah Smith, ambled in as well.  He loves the Lord but could use some time next to a bar of soap.  You probably haven’t heard of Virginia Dale, though you may have driven through the town named for her near the Colorado/Wyoming border.  She seemed very sweet, though the stories of her husband were just plain nasty!  (She pickled him after he died.)

These visitors brought a lot of color to our Colorado History studies.  We also took time to show off our grade level costumes to one another and sing some good ‘ol Colorado songs.  Thanks to Mrs. Burkett for practicing those with us!

Now we’re off to make our own Colorado History.  We think the Lord has some good “history in the making” with us in mind!