Academic Learning Clinic

The Academic Learning Clinic (ALC) is designed to provide students with extra assistance in basic skills or specific needs that help them complete the assignments with which they struggle.  A fee is charged to families using the services of the ALC.  Students normally go to the ALC between two and five times a week. They meet either individually or in a small group with that teacher from 30 minutes up to a full class period in the middle school and high school.

The teachers in the ALC work with classroom teachers to identify students who need this service. The ALC teachers also work together to identify the specific needs of each student.  ALC teachers use information gathered through diagnostic testing to determine which students qualify for help in the ALC.  If testing is not available, students may be identified through a process called Response to Intervention (RTI).

The RTI system allows teachers to develop appropriate student interventions to facilitate each child being successful in the classroom.  It is our goal for the interventions to be done in a non-intrusive and timely manner.  By taking this approach, we hope to prevent the compounding of problems resulting in the need for more serious measures.  This system is used to identify which students need intervention and to identify which interventions may work with specific students.

After needs have been identified, the ALC may develop an ACCOMMODATION PLAN in conjunction with the principal, the classroom teacher, and the parents.  If the students’ needs and diagnosis are more significant, and MODIFICATIONS are necessary, an IEP may be considered.  Modifications of this nature will be noted on the report and the transcript and are only put into place with parental approval.