one boy one computerThe CSCS Online program has been created to offer a flexible way to meet the scheduling needs of our high school students. The world is changing and the educational environment is changing as well. Students currently in university are finding that experience with online learning helps prepare them for higher education. Whether it be accessing materials in the libraries, managing the scheduling process, taking exams or prerequisite courses, nearly every student is expected to handle the online environment these days. Our alumni have encouraged us to give our students more experiences in an online environment.

The following information will help you understand how online classes are used at CSCS.

Online Learning FAQ
Some CSCS courses are offered in the online or blended format for Traditional Students who attend CSCS on campus.  There are several reasons for offering these blended courses while the student is primarily attending school at CSCS:

  1. The world is changing and many students need to be able to be successful in online or blended classes in the future.  It is best if they learn how to manage this type of educational delivery system while they are with educators who care and can meet with them face-to-face.
  2. Online/blended classes are able to take advantage of resources that are not physically present in a traditional face-to-face environment.  There are some advantages of this type of course that transcend boundaries of both time and place.
  3. Allowing several online/blended classes as options for students solves schedule conflicts for students.  We have many students in the upper grades that are constricted by honors and dual college credit classes when there is only one section of each class.  Having a few classes where the class period is flexible allows some students to actually be able to take all the classes they need.
  4. There is a component of individualization that is able to occur in an online/blended class that is not as readily available in a large group class.

The Hybrid Online Program at CSCS is a combination of our non-traditional program with online classes provided by CSCS and Sevenstar Academy for a full educational solution. Certain rights and privileges come with being a Hybrid student at CSCS, and they are almost the same as those afforded to full-time on-campus students. It is an affordable option for those who need a more flexible program or one that only costs about half of the traditional program.

Details about the Hybrid Program can be found under the Future Families section of the website at this link.

CSCS also offers its online/blended classes to homeschooled students.  This option is available much in the same way our on-campus classes are available for non-traditional students.  If a homeschooled (non-traditional) student is interested in taking one course or several, they would apply through the non-traditional application process.  Once accepted, they could take an online/blended or on-campus course.  The cost is slightly different but the process is very similar.

Details about the Non-traditional can be found under the Future Families section of the website at this link.

This is a list of the classes that are currently developed by CSCS for offering in the online/blended format.  Not all of these are available every semester.  Please contact HS Guidance Department for more information on which courses are currently being offered.  Dave Kohut (719 268-2115) or

  • Psychology
  • Civics
  • Student Leadership Internship – Dual College Credit, optional
  • World Religions
  • Marriage and Family
  • Speech – Dual College Credit, optional
  • PE
  • Computer Applications I

All other courses are offered through our partner, Sevenstar Academy.